Shareholders agreement

Shareholders agreement

Having arrived at this page you are probably at least considering whether your company needs a shareholder agreement.

Invariably, having a shareholders agreement is an excellent business move, subject always of course to cost benefit considerations. The primary reasons for having a shareholder agreement are :-

  • seeking to avoid shareholder disputes but also providing a mechanism for resolving disputes which may arise.
  • providing for changes in the personal circumstances of shareholders such as insolvency, illness or death.
  • clarifying roles, powers and responsibilities of shareholders.

Our commercial law team, headed by David Swede, have advised literally hundreds of shareholders on shareholder agreements. Each is genuinely different and many issues can be easily overlooked which, if not addressed, can cause conflict, expense and damage to the company at a later stage.

Our level of expertise means we are able to quickly identify which issues are particularly relevant to your circumstances. This in turn saves time and money and means we can accurately assess costings for a bespoke service at the outset of the matter.

When dealing with such a vital business document it is imperative to have the right legal advice at the right cost. To find out more about our experience and for some initial free tips, please call us. We offer a free initial meeting or telephone conversation which is generally the best way to confirm we are the right people to advise you.

A shareholder agreement also provides clarity and peace of mind to all shareholders about what can and cannot be done and what happens if there is a dispute if things go wrong.