Business contracts

Business contracts

Business contracts and commercial agreements

Every business needs contracts, whether contracts of employment, terms & conditions or shareholders or partnership agreements. These are some of the more basic documents, and there are many others which are far more complex such  as :-

  • Business to business contracts
  • Business to consumer contracts
  • Commercial property contracts, whether commercial leases, licenses, rent deposit deeds or assignments
  • Franchise agreements
  • Joint venture agreement
  • Licensing contracts
  • Consultant contracts or service agreements
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Indemnity agreement
  • E-commerce contracts & selling on the internet

The dilemma for clients now is often the temptation to buy an off the shelf contract from the many available at very affordable cost on the internet.

These business templates and precedents are useful, but a template contract will rarely adequately cover the specific circumstances of your business. There may be aspects of the contract which you do not fully understand and which may not be accepted by the countrerparty.

To recognise this dilemma, we offer a range of options for clients, including :-

Contract review only

We will review the contract and advise you on a limited fixed fee basis of any adjustments or concerns which we recommend you action. You are not commited to any further instructions or costs with us thereafter.

Full contract drafting & negotiation

Usually offered on a fixed fee basis, we will balance commercial and legal considerations and work proactively to complete the right contract for you as rapidly as possible.

Ongoing contract reviews

We can tailor a retainer service for you, at an affordable cost, to ensure that your contracts are kept up to date legally and to maximise any possibility to renegotiate contracts for you, which can be an excellent way of saving money or exploiting new opportunities.