Setting up a business

Setting up a new business is  big challenge, yet very exciting. We love working with new businesses and developing great relationships based on trust, mutual respect, value and of course high quality legal advice and service. legal issues are vital when setting up a business, but they always fit within an overall set of initial decisions which need to be made, including :-

  • Is your business selling goods or services or both ?
  • What is your attitude to risk and how risky is your new business concept ?
  • Where will your business operate from ?
  • Will you employ staff at the outset ?
  • Funding issues
  • An overall business plan including projections and marketing strategy

On average in the UK, there are around 5 million new business start ups every year. Around 60% set up as sole traders, around 30% start as limited companies and the remaining 10% as partnerships.

Our start up services will include advising you on the best legal entity to use to start your business, in legal and practical terms. We can guide and advise you on the formalities and the basic contracts you should have to protect yourself and project the right business image to customers or suppliers. We offer these services at prices specifically discounted to recognise that for most start ups, finances are tight. we want your business so we can develop an ongoing relationship with you, so please contact us to take advantage of our free 30 minutes of initial advice.


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