Director service contracts

As your business grows you are likely to employ different types of staff with different skills and levels of seniority. This in turn means that a standard employment contract for all staff is unlikely to be satisfactory or to cover you legally.

For more senior staff or directors, service contracts are needed which deal with issues which do not often crop up with more junior staff. Darlingtons can help you obtain the right director service contract to reduce risks and meet the expectations for rewards of high calibre staff to take your business onto the next level. Below are some of the usual clauses which are found in director or executive employment contracts :-

  • The director to comply with instructions from the board of directors
  • An hours of work clause which may require the director to work hours that are required instead of set hours of work.
  • Bonus or other reward scheme and additional benefits such as healthcare
  • Provision for possible extended sickness of the director.
  • A detailed confidentiality clause
  • A garden leave clause
  • Restrictive covenants post termination which need to be very carefully drafted so as not to be potentially struck out by a court. These will normally include non competition, non-solicitation, non-poaching of staff provisions.
  • An intellectual property clause making it clear that intellectual property is the property of the company.
  • Clauses dealing with acceptance of gifts, benefits and corporate entertainment.
  • Pension provision
  • Making it clear what is likely to constitute a conflict of interest
  • Restrictions on taking second jobs.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help with preparation of a director service contract or employment contract for senior employees.

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