Basic lease check & report

Whilst a big part of what we do is to pass on the benefit of our practical experience as well as legal knowledge, we also understand that sometimes, due to budget constraints or other considerations, clients are reluctant to instruct a solicitors to handle a full transaction.

By this we mean dealing with the transaction from start to finish, raising enquiries, considering the lease terms offered, negotiating on lease terms and drafting proposed amendments, dealing with registration and other formalities for you.

Consequently, whilst we do not recommend that clients overlook any of the above steps or processes, we do provide a checking only service for tenants offered a new commercial lease.

For a fixed and affordable fee of £575.00 plus VAT we will carefully check the terms of the lease you are offered and then provide an in-depth report to you on the terms, highlighting both :-

  • important areas you need to be aware of which can have long term implications
  • our recommendations for clauses we consider you should seek to negotiate or which have been omitted and ought to be included for your protection or benefit

Having instructed us on the above, you can of course upgrade your instructions to include additional work if you so choose.

It is particularly important to get your lease checked as leases are forms of contract with long term binding commitments. Landlords will often suggest that commercial leases are standard but in reality, many aspects can and should be negotiated by tenants. There are many subtleties also such as the vital distinction between a clause requiring :-

  • the tenant to “keep the property in repair”
  • the tenant to “put and keep the property in repair”

The above is just one of many examples where knowledge and experience are vital.

For more advice and information, please contact Jame Swede either by phone or by emailing us using the drop down to the right of this page.

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