Terms and conditions

We offer a wide range of options, service levels and costings to assist clients to :-

  • get the right terms of business for their business
  • understand the basics of contract law to ensure that your terms of business govern the contract
  • understand that the interpretation of business to business contracts by the courts is quite different from business to consumer and that there are statutory rights which will apply to consumer contracts which cannot be overruled by your terms of business
  • decide, if selling goods, whether to include retention of title clauses and how this works
  • be aware of their rights in the event the other party does not comply with his, her, their or it’s contractual obligations (not every breach of a contract clause will entitle the innocent party to cancel the contract and stop performing)

Having the right terms of business for your particular business is vital, as is understanding why certain clauses are in the contract, which clauses should be non-negotiable, what particular legal and practical considerations apply to your industry or sector.

We have experience of drafting terms and conditions for a wide variety of business types so can assist you in a  highly cost effective, flexible way. Please get in touch to find out more.

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