Service level agreement

A combination of rapid increase in the reliance on technology for almost every business coupled with a trend for outsourcing to provide flexibility and reduce fixed overheads has resulted in the service level agreement becoming increasingly popular.

A service level agreement can apply to many functions and sectors but these agreements are most commonly associated with IT services. A small business employing from 5-100 employees may not have a full time IT department yet will have sophisticated IT hardware and software which is critical to everyday functions. When approaching an IT company for ongoing support, the business will almost certainly be offered a service level agreement.

We can assist whether you are small business offered a service level agreement or an IT contractor or company needing a tailored agreement for different types of clients and/or service levels.

A service level agreement is a complex document and the terms can alter considerably but the most important terms will include :-

  • Carefully defining the services to be provided as regular and/or standard services
  • Identifying and defining the customer’s precise needs
  • Identifying services which are outside the standard services or which may be provided on an emergency basis outside usual working hours and additional costs for providing these services
  • Performance, Tracking and Reporting
  • Problem Management, resolving disputes and legal compliance
  • Events of breach and remedies
  • Customer duties and responsibilities
  • Security & confidential Information
  • Termination with or without notice

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. Our services range from drafting service level agreements from scratch to modifying precedents through to advise on negotiating the terms of these important documents.

See also page on main website about SLA Agreements.




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