Licence agreement

With the explosion in all aspects of intellectual property rights, licence agreements have become an increasingly important tool to enable valuable rights to be exploited with appropriate safeguards and for the licensor to earn potentially significant sums of money on a largely passive basis. With these agreements, as with all legal contracts, it is important to have mechanisms to ensure that the contract is being complied with and to monitor the use of the licence in practice.

A licence agreement may be a good option also if you have developed a great piece of software or design or have some great art but your IP will be monetised faster using the greater resources, marketing skills or industry knowledge others can offer.

The most important considerations with any form of Licence Agreement

  • will the licence be on an exclusive or non-exclusive licence ?
  • price and payments – there are many options here such as fees based on use orĀ  items made or sold or fixed minimum payments or a hybrid
  • termination provisions including penalties
  • possible limitation of the licence to certain countries or regions ?
  • the length of the licence
  • will the licensee be permitted to grant sub-licences
  • commitments, if any, of the licensee to actively market the product
  • warranties and indemnities.

Please get in touch for an initial discussion. We are experienced and adept at helping small business with a great idea or product to finalise a licence agreement suitable for your needs at a very affordable cost.

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