Contract check service

We understand that legal advice is expensive.

Whilst any competent solicitors will want to fully protect a client’s interests, and we are no exception, we also understand that clients want choice and to make their own decisions about risks.

Consequently, we offer a limited service for most types of commercial contract whereby, for a fixed fee, we will simply report to you on the terms of the contract and flag up any particular areas of risk, based on a short period of having taken information from you on the underlying transaction or background.

So, if  you have been offered any form of contract or are considering whether a standard template suffices for your purposes we provide an affordable fixed fee service and summary report to enable you to :-

  • understand whether the contract offered to you is compliant with industry norms
  • ascertain which areas you should negotiate on or resist and which clauses are dangerous to your interests
  • make an informed choice whether you want more in-depth assistance from solicitors at higher cost

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