Consumer law

If your business sells goods or provides services to consumers you need to take full account of the relevant consumer protection legislation.

Many small businesses adopt an approach of seeking to exclude or limit liability in dealing with consumers without realising that :-

  1. such clauses in terms & conditions may be invalid in law.
  2. by including every conceivable get out clause, in the vent of a dispute which goes to court, the judge may well take a dim view of this – it certainly may well create the wrong impression

It is far more advisable to take a balanced view of terms and conditions, policies and procedures when dealing with consumers because in the viral world we now live in, an unhappy customer can spread negative feedback about your business very quickly and you may also face numerous claims in the small claims court which will drain your resources and time and where you won’t recover any legal fees even if you successfully defend the claim.

So, the best policy is to ensure your business is fully familiar with relevant consumer law such as :-

  • The Sale of  Goods Act
  • The Supply of goods & Services Act
  • Consumer Credit Act
  • Distance Selling regulations
  • The Unfair Contract Terms Act

How we can help

At cost effective fee rates we can assist by :-

  • ensuring your terms and conditions offer the right protection but in a balanced way
  • updating you on changes which effect your business
  • providing you with policies and procedures to follow in the event of issues with consumers
  • dealing firmly with unjustified complaints and disputes

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